Below is a short list of the industry and press accolades and awards we have received over the past years. Rosewill continues to be recognized for high quality products at unbeatable prices in a broad range of product categories. Each award is a recognition that every Rosewill product comes with the same promise of excellence in product design.

Apollo RK-9100xB product review by PDXLAN

"In the land of the glorious mechanical clicky-clack, the Rosewill Apollo 9100xb is another solid product from Newegg’s well-loved Rosewill peripheral product line. With shiny blue LEDs and a huge amount of macro keys, this model is sure to appeal to gamers! It’s been very difficult to find anything negative to say about the Apollo, and my gripes are mainly superficial. Rating: 9/10"


2 Years Warranty; 1 to 1 Replacement

RC-410LX Unmanaged Gigabit Switch product review by PCWizKids Tech Talk

Check out this video review of the Rosewill RC-410LX Unmanaged 8-Port Gigabit Switch, courtesy of PCWizKids.

R-Studio Sonas headphones received "4 nanners" rating by The Mod Zoo

"The first hour I spent listening I was almost overwhelmed with the textures that were breathed back into my music.The bass response is solid and very present, but not muddy or overbearing. When the larger driver activates, there's no hesitation and the kick drums are solid without feeling like they are blowing your hearing out. I found myself anticipating the solid thud to my chest cavity that you get when at a live performance. Bass line growls are felt keenly in the back of the head, but not painfully so. I was VERY impressed. All in all, I am very impressed with this offering from Rosewill and am quite happy to award them 4 Nanners out of 5 for these awesome headphones."

R-Studio Ampbox received "Recommended Award" by Legit Reviews

"The Rosewill R-Studio Ampbox is a great little bluetooth speaker that can be picked up for $49.99 shipped with a 1 year warranty. For that price, you are going to get a bluetooth speaker that sounds surprisingly good for a little speaker. The volume level is enough to use the speaker at a social gathering and will keep the sound clear at most volume levels. The volume level was enough that the speaker could be heard 30 feet away (and through three doorways), which is also the limit to the bluetooth range. As a speakerphone, callers could hear the conversation around 12 feet away when speaking in a normal speaking level."

R-Studio Sonas headphones product review by MegaTechNews

"While I’m in no way an audiophile, I absolutely understand the importance of sound. When I play games or watch movies, I’d like something similar to the surround sound experience without the hassle of hanging multiple speakers around the room. With a total of eight drivers, the Sonas give me that experience. The improvement in quality from my old, no-name over-the-ear headphones to the Rosewill Sonas is fantastic. The ability to pinpoint noise direction in videogames can be crucial and the Sonas delivered on that front in a major way."

Apollo RK-9100xBBR product review by Hardware 360

"The Rosewill Apollo RK-9100xBBR gives you all the benefits of much more expensive Cherry mechanical keyboards, but without the sticker shock. If you don’t need dedicated media controls, there is no reason to pay a premium price for an expensive brand that is using the exact same Cherry mechanical switch. The quality of the unit is outstanding, the feel of the switches is pleasing, the LED lights are bright and nicely customizable, and the included software to create macros is a nice addition."