I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a fan-less unit since I first saw them. Now that I’ve finally acquired one, I have to say I’m impressed with it. SuperFlower and Rosewill have done an excellent job here. The cables have all the connectors a 500 W unit should have, including four PCIe 6+2 plugs rather than the more standard two. The PCIe +2P bits aren’t as smoothly done as they could be though. The unit really is silent. I heard absolutely nothing out of it while running. At startup the relay that shorts the inrush protection thermistor clicks once, but that’s it. As usual with SuperFlower units there isn’t a MOV or TVS Diode for surge protection. I don’t agree with this. Similarly lacking is a UL number anywhere on the unit. The lack of UL listing isn’t a problem though. Regulation and ripple control are very good. No problems there. It runs very cool given any airflow at all, and takes a very long time to heat up even inside a sealed box. I see no issue running this in a fan-less or low fan case, as long as there is room for convective airflow. The lack of OTP makes it important to be sure you aren’t setting the PSU up inside a sealed box. Price wise, this is tied for the most expensive fan-less unit, with another SuperFlower built unit. This is the only unit with four 6+2P PCIe cables however. The other unit at $160 has two 6P and two 6+2P, while the less expensive units only have two 6+2P in total. I’ll call it a “good” value.