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Happy and repeat customer


Just finished building my first computer and I just wanted to send a word of thanks. I bought this case based on online reviews and it more than exceeded my expectations. It was easy to use and fashionable to boot. You have gained a happy and repeat customer, thank you!


Thank you


  Thank you again for all you're help and great customer support with regards to this matter, I will definitely recommend you to other


Again, I am so impressed with your service!


I can honestly say that I know what GOOD End User Support is.  With that said:  I must say that I have never received Customer Technical Support as outstanding as that which I have received from the Support Staff at Rosewill.  It is literally the level of personal, step by step, problem solving support we would give to our end users at Bechtel.  Utterly amazing for an on line staff to provide.  Keep doing this and Rosewill be a dominate force to contend with.  If they are not already that.  After the sale, responsive, qualified staff that provide the frustrated customer with the feeling of personal support is what everyone desires.  With this support model in place Rosewill cannot fail and will, most likely, be extremely successful in this market.  I wish to pass on my appreciation and comments to your management.  Please do so.  I will also tell them that Vera is someone to strongly consider for a Lead, Supervisor or Management position.  Your attitude and the quality of service that you provide should be an example to be emulated. 


Best customer support


I'll be honest this is by far the best customer support I have ever received. Thank you so much for all your help and for making this exception. I will be buying your products more often in the future when I can.