Rosewill RC-NIC412 Rosewill RC-NIC412

  • Fully compliant with the IEEE 802.3an 10GBASE-T(10G) standard
  • Offers added bandwidth to meet your network needs without an overhaul of your infrastructure wiring, or a costly upgrade to fiber.

Rosewill RC-NIC412Rosewill RC-NIC412
Rosewill RC-NIC412

5-Speed Multi-Gigabit Network Controller

This card supports auto-negotiation allowing the NBASE-T solution to optimally select the best speed from 5 network speeds: 10G, 5G, 2.5G, 1G or 100Mbps over Cat5e/Cat6 or better cabling. Also, it is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32-/ 64-bit), Linux, Mac and Server 2012.

Rosewill RC-NIC412

Ultra-Fast Speeds

Runs on a high speed PCIe2.0 x4 Host Bus interface making data-transfer speeds up to 10x faster than traditional Gigabit ports. It offers a cost-effective solution for your file, application server or even a high-powered workstation to transfer more data and faster.

Easy Setup