Rosewill RNX-N150UBEv3 Rosewill RNX-N150UBEv3

  • IEEE 802.11N: 802.11n technology and backward compatibility with IEEE 802.11 b/g
  • Enhanced Security: High level encryption for wireless safety
  • High Gain: 1 x 5 dBi detachable high gain antenna to provide extra wireless range and performance
  • Easy Setup: Quick and easy installation: Insert the resource CD, install the software and plug in the adapter

Rosewill RNX-N150UBEv3Rosewill RNX-N150UBEv3
Rosewill RNX-N150UBEv3

The Best Use of Wi-Fi

Rosewill RNX-N150UBEv3 connects your laptop or desktop to a wireless network to enjoy fast, long range, reliable wireless connectivity. The compact size of the USB adapter, combined with a high gain antenna, makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go.

Rosewill RNX-N150UBEv3

Wider Range with High Gain Detachable Antenna

High gain detachable antennas let you create wider, optimally tuned wireless coverage. With a high gain detachable antenna, the RNX-N150UBEv3 can achieve perfect placement for ultimate reception and the highest quality Wi-Fi networking.

Rosewill RNX-N150UBEv3

Advanced Wireless Security

Advanced WPA/WPA2 encryptions, created by the Wi-Fi Alliance, provide interoperability and security for WLAN, which effectively and efficiently protect users’ wireless environment.

Easy Setup