Model REGD-TN439L0
Measurement Range -35 to 365ºC(-31 to 689ºF)
Operating Range 0 to 50ºC (32 to 122ºF)
Accuracy(Tobj=15 to 35ºC, Tamb=25ºC) +/- 1.5ºC(2.7ºF)
Full Range Accuracy(Tamb=23+/-3ºC) Tobj=0 to 365ºC: +/-2.5% of reading or 2.5ºC (4.5ºF) whichever is greater

Tobj=-35 to 0ºC: +/-(2.5ºC + 0.05/degree)
Resolution(-9.9 to 199.9ºC) 0.2ºC/ 0.5ºF
Response Time(90%) 1 sec
Distance: Spot 8:1 (means that if the meter is 8 inches from the target, the diameter of the object under test must be at least 1 inch)
Emissivity Range 0.95 fixed
Update Frequency 1.4Hz
Wave Length 5 to 14 um
Mode RTMax, C/F switchable
Power Supply AAAx2 (Alkaline)
Battery life Typical 18 hours continuous use
Dimension 172*36*71 mm
Weigt(with battery) 152 g(5.36 oz)
Warranty 1 year