Windows 8 compatible

Rosewill RNX-N180UB (1T2R) IEEE 802.11b/g/n USB 2.0 Wireless Adapter with Hardware WPS Button / Up to 300Mbps Download Data Rates / Support 64/128-bit WEP (Hex & ASCII), WPA/WPA2, WPA (TKIP with IEEE 802.1x)/WPA2(AES with IEEE 802.1x)


- Supports MIMO technology with 1 transmit antenna and 2 receive antenna

- Provides max. 300Mbps download rate and 150Mbps upload rate

- Support WPS (Hardware WiFi Protected Setup Button)

- Supports 20MHz/40MHz frequency width

- Auto-detects and changes network transmission rate

- Provides two work modes: Infrastructure and Ad-Hoc

- Supports WMM for Multimedia Applications with Quality of Service in Wi-Fi Networks

- Windows 8 compatible

* The IEEE 802.11n Draft prohibits using High Throughput with WEP or TKIP as the unicast cipher. If you use these encryption methods (e.g. WEP, WPA-TKIP), your data rate will drop to 54 Mbps. Rosewill recommend setting your router’s wireless encryption as WPA-AES or WPA2-AES or update the latest firmware, in order to keep your wireless transfer rate at N speed.