• Aluminum Body: Featuring aluminum cover and easy swap tray, the Rosewill METAS HDD enclosure delivers excellent heat dissipation and tough, reliable protection for your hard drive.

  • SATA I/II Hard Drive Support : The Rosewill METAS accommodate a 3.5" SATA I or II hard drive of a maximum storage capacity of up to 3TB. The SATA II interface delivers an amazing internal data rate for ultra-fast file transfer.

  • Built-in 80mm Cooling Fan : The Rosewill METAS features a built-in 80mm cooling fan with large vents on the side and front panels for enhanced ventilation. With the fan controller, you can turn up and down fan speed for use.

  • Dual Interface: The Rosewill METAS features an eSATA port for an ultra-fast data transfer speed of up to 3Gb/s and a USB 3.0 port for plug-and-play connectivity.

  • Unique Flip-up upper cover: Customer can have better solution for exchange hard drive disk in a safer and cooler environment.

  • Power Switch: The power of Rosewill METAS can be switch while computer still working. In addition, customers do not need to disconnect computer and enclosure.

  • Dimension: (LxWxH) 200x122x50.3mm
  • Windows 8 Compatible
  • Please NOTE: In order to enable HOT-SWAP function, please check to make sure the motherboard supports HOT-SWAP function. Otherwise, the hot swappable function won't be work as well. (Please refer back to motherboard user guide)