Premium Series, Peak PHY Rate 500Mbps with Extra Outlet


- Outlet Current: 220VAC 16A Maximum, 110VAC 20A Maximum
- Extended Range: Up to 984ft (300m) via power line
- Power Consumption:
  - <2.7W Operation
  - 1.6W Idle
  - 0.34W Standby (enters standby mode after 30 mins without data transmit detected, and automatically back to operation mode when detecting data transmit)
- Extra Outlet with Pass-Through Outlet Design for more convenient use
- Supports IPv6/MLDv2
- Maximum PLC support:
  -Capable of extending up to total of 8 Powerline adapters in one environment
- Build-in Fixed Quality of Service (QoS) enhances VoIP, media, and Data streaming quality:
  - ToS, Support up to 4-level type QoS, Support up to 8-level VLAN priority field
  - IGMP snooping for multicast to multiple unicast mapping
  - QoS Priority: (Fixed)
    - 1st: Network Management Frames and Voice
    - 2nd: HD Video and Music Streaming
    - 3rd: Data Streaming
- Buttons:
  -Reset: Restore the factory default settings
  -Security: Set the network password automatically
- Plug-and-play connection for any Ethernet device (Computers, game consoles, printers)
- Built-in Noise filter to reduce power interference and enhance data transmission quality.
- Easy security setup

*This kit comes with two RPLC-200P, which allow you to turn any outlet in your home into a high speed networking port, perfect for sharing Internet connections or creating a home network.