Rosewill warranty and return policy
Rosewill Warranty and Return Policy All products within a 30-day period from the date of purchase by the end-user may be credited, replaced or repaired. All products purchased within a one-year period may be returned for repair (except for some products that have longer warranty period).
Terms and conditons
  • The warranty period is based upon the invoice date of the original purchase by the end-user
  • Warranty only applies to defects in materials and/or workmanship, which occur during normal use.
  • Warranty does not apply to those products that are damaged due to misuse, abuse, negligence or modification by any party other than Rosewill.
  • Warranty does not extend to any damage that occurs in shipment or due to natural phenomenon (i.e. lightening or line surges).
  • Warranty will be voided if the original serial number on the product is removed by accident or intentionally.
  • Product purchase through auctions/online auctions/etc. will not be covered by manufacturer warranty.
RMA Policies

If products are not purchased directly from Rosewill, please contact your vendors or retailers.

  • All items within warranty will be credited, replaced, or repaired.
  • No Credit will be given for non-warranted merchandise.
  • No credit will be given for merchandise with physical damage.
  • Current selling products up to 60 days after product line ends: Credit given based upon the current selling price, or replacement given upon request.
  • Discontinued products (after 60 days from our last selling price date): Replacement or repair only.
RMA Procedure
  • Please contact your vendors or retailers for RMA procedure.
  • All customers labels, adhesives and markings on the return products MUST be removed and erased before being sent back for RMA.(Note: If the label adhesives cover any information on the product, or the labels cause any physical destruction on the product when removed, we will consider that as physical damage and not covered in warranty.)
  • To ensure for a full credit, please include ALL accessories.
  • RMA shipments received MUST have the RMA number clearly visible on the outside package and include a copy of the RMA request form.
  • Items returned with physical damage are NOT covered under warranty. A fee of US$25 will be charged for any repair done on merchandise with physical damage, but no guaranty of successful repair. Some defective items will not be repaired if the damage is too extensive. The turnaround time for a repaired item will be doubled the normal process.
  • Items returned with missing components (i.e. battery, BIOS, cap, etc.) may have applied charges.
  • Please provide item information listed below for RMA request
    • 1. Problem Description:
    • 2. Invoice No./Date from authorized dealers
    • 3. Serial No:
    • 4. Model Name:
    • 5. Your Name:
    • 6. Telephone Number:
    • 7. Email Address:
    • 8. Shipping Address:
  • Your vendors or retailers will ship out replaced/repaired items within 10 working days from the date they receives them.