ABS x Rosewill PRISM S500 SLI Build

Rosewill ABS PRISM S500 SLI PC BuildPhoto Courtesy: Newegg Insider
Newegg Insider — October 15, 2018

Originally Published By: Newegg Insider

For those not in the know, ABS designs, assembles, and sells a variety of pre-built PC systems from off-the-shelf parts. They have a fair variety of configurations; some are targeted at the enthusiast gaming market, with others more suitable for business use. Rosewill designs and manufactures a variety of computer components, including power supplies, cables, peripherals, and cases.

Of course, this business arrangement is what made an ABS and Rosewill collaboration possible in the first place. Rosewill supplied some of their uniquely designed components, which ABS then paired with ultra-high performance gaming parts from across the industry. In my eyes, the end result is simply proof that these sister-companies should team-up more often.

Read the full specs and pre-order info on Newegg Insider.

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