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  • 11.03.2015


    Posted in Blogs By Jason B
    Rosewill Rocking BlizzCon 2015   On Friday and Saturday, November 6th and 7th, the Anaheim Convention Center will once again host the most epic annual gathering of geeks and freaks in North America. Yes, BlizzCon 2015, will bring together fangirls and fanboys like nobody else does – in costume and ready to leave the world we know for a world that exists in the imagination – and online PC gaming world – of Blizzard Games.   If you’ve ever been, you know how amazing this convention is. Even if you have only seen photos of the costume contests, you know the level of awesomeness that is BlizzCon. The phantasy worlds of so many PC games played by gamers young and old, all around the world, come to life. World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft, and Hearthstone, emerge from the minds and talents of fans and become reality for two intense days. The event also hosts talent shows, concerts, gaming tournaments, live artists, exhibits, and special guests Linkin Park in concert on Saturday night.   Rosewill proudly returns to sponsor the BlizzCon event this year and support the myriad Blizzard devotees and PC gaming fanatics there. If you go, be sure to check out our booth in Exhibit Hall B. We will be featuring some great stuff that you won’t want to miss – giveaways, raffles, games, and more. Take a selfie in our booth for a free giveaway; take an in-costume selfie and get another one!   Most importantly, be sure to sign up to enter the ...
  • 08.03.2015


    Posted in Blogs By Jason B
      Wi-Fi Adapters   Wireless connectivity is taking over just about every device these days – from the standard laptop and desktop PCs, to tablets and phones, and more recently, to home theater and stereo equipment, wearable technology, and even smart-home automation. And it’s great! Dusty, knotted cable clutter is becoming a thing of the past. Even better – running out of ports to plug your data cables into will be a distant memory soon, too.   Wireless performance is also improving, making this technology even more sensible. It’s also much easier to use – most devices have a really friendly user interface that even the staunchest technophobe can use! For those of you who have aging Wi-Fi components or are experiencing problems because of the sheer number of devices connecting in your home, don’t worry – updating and upgrading is easy. USB Wi-Fi Adapters make it simple.   And did I mention that Rosewill carries a range of great USB Wi-Fi Adapters? No? Well, we do!   But, you might ask, Why would I need one? A few words about the Internet and Wi-Fi adapters should help here.   What is a Wi-Fi Adapter?   A Wi-Fi Adapter is essentially a special antenna that physically connects your computer to the ‘Net using either a USB port or a PCI slot on a computer’s motherboard. While a USB Wi-Fi adapter can be easily installed or removed whenever needed in either a desktop or laptop, a PCI Wi-Fi adapter is designed for permanent installation in a desktop computer. It’s secured into place on the back ...
  • 05.26.2015


    Posted in Blogs By Jason B
    PC Gaming is as exciting and popular as ever, and I was really excited to learn about this recent review from the guys at The Tech Report. Rosewill’s RK-9000V2 Mechanical Keyboard is one of the best out there for the money. Read the review on And check out each of the four RK-9000V2 gaming keyboard models on Newegg – choose among Blue, Red, Black, and Brown switches.   Speaking of switches, not everybody knows all the subtle differences among the key switch types. I know from experience that sometimes customers buy a keyboard without learning which switch-type does what and are unhappily surprised at what they get. Those new to PC gaming, too, may only know about one type of key switch when he or she might prefer another. Well, we are here to help! So a quick overview follows on the variables among Rosewill’s mechanical keyboard line-up.   Instead of using a naming or numbering convention, the original Cherry MX key creators used colors to correspond to switch-type. First, black or red key switches have what’s called a “linear” keystroke, meaning when you press a key, its path downward feels straight and smooth to your fingertips. The blacks have a firmer spring installed, so your fingers will need just a bit of extra effort with each press as compared against the red switches.   Second, in contrast, brown or blue key switches will give your fingertips some “tactile feedback,” as it were, with the actuator mechanism providing a non-linear, “bump”-feeling as the key is ...
  • 05.15.2015


    Posted in Blogs By Jason B

    Let's give the underrated "powerbank" a little perspective today. Here are some reflective questions for the techie types: You wouldn't go on a hike without water, right? You wouldn't turn on the big game without a huge bowl of snack mix and the proper beverages, right? You wouldn't go on a road trip without packing some extra clothes, right? So, why do we try to go out into the great big world without back-up power for our devices?


    Powerbanks are starting to attain the status smartphones earned a few years back - the now-that-I-have-one-how-did-I-get-by-without-one status. That's serious stuff.


    Well, Rosewill is on that. And I'm happy to report, that we really put the POW! in powerbank with this one, friends!


    Check out Rosewill's Plasma-Mini Powerbank. Yes, there is a non-mini version, but this is the one to get - for the size, shape, price, and features. In this case, less is more, and the Mini is bigger and better. Here are the fancy features:


    • 12,000 mAh - More than enough power for a smartphone
    • Universal AC Portable Power Bank - With      connection-options that'll make other manufacturers jealous
    • Japanese Cells (Panasonic) - Only the best quality for the best price


    And now here's Newegg TV's Steve to give you a personal run-down of the Plasma Mini:



    ...Oh, and remember - the Plasma Mini puts the


    pow powerbank!

  • Yes! All those countless hours you put off doing your homework to play Heroes of the Storm may finally pay off. Blizzard has launched a Heroes of the Storm tournament for college students that features over $450,000 in tuition and other prizes. Enrollment is open to college students in the US and Canada as of March 28th, but this is one class you definitely will not sleep through.   Titled appropriately, “Heroes of the Dorm,” Blizzard is inviting active college students to compete for tuition and even student loan reimbursement – and that’s for undergraduate as well as graduate students. Get your team of five players together and sign up by March 26th – that’s this Thursday, ladies and gentlemen – for open qualifiers. A 64-team single-elimination bracket begins on April 11th, with the climactic final event sometime in late April. This will be the final showdown for the “Heroic Four,” and – watch out sports fans – the final rounds will be televised live on ESPN. Check this out:   If you are a college student and PC Gamer and you haven’t already heard about this event, then this is your big chance. Grab your keyboard and mouse and play to win! From the Heroes Fire website: All five members of the first-place team will each enjoy up to $25,000 per year in college tuition for up to three years of their remaining years of undergrad or graduate enrollment (up to three full years as an undergrad or up to two years as a ...

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