//Introducing the CULLINAN V500 Computer Case Series

Introducing the CULLINAN V500 Gaming PC Case Series

CULLINAN V500 Gaming Computer Case

March 22, 2019

Meet the newest members of the coveted CULLINAN family, the CULLINAN V500 series.

This ATX mid tower computer case is engineered from sturdy steel and boasts three sides of sleek tempered glass panels. Build your PC, then display internal components and any unique mods proudly through the transparent glass window. The CULLINAN V500 cases are bright, bold and refined, encompassing the perfect balance of a simple yet flashy design. 

Choose between the CULLINAN V500 Red, V500 RGB or V500 Blue, each of which include four pre-installed 120mm dual ring LED case fans (three in front, one in rear) with support for up to seven 120mm fans or six 140mm fans.

CULLINAN V500 Gaming Computer Case
*Fully Integrated Cases = Item Demonstrations

All three CULLINAN V500 cases feature:

  • Mini-ITX, microATX, ATX and EATX motherboard support up to 13in long
  • All-in-one (AIO) water cooling radiator support, up to 360mm front mounted and 280mm top mounted
  • Bottom mounted power supply unit (PSU) shroud supports 250mm max length PSU
  • Central processing unit (CPU) cooler support up to 170mm tall
  • Graphics processing unit (GPU) card mount support up to 400mm long
  • Top input/output (I/O) panel with four USB 3.0 ports, fan speed control, audio and mic jacks
  • Triple sides of sturdy, tinted tempered glass to show off internal components
  • Excellent cooling from four pre-installed 120mm case fans
  • Pre-installed fans are double ring LED (RGB version includes 17-key remote controlled hardware support; no need for complex software and extra downloads)
  • Magnetic dust filters on top and front, plus removable bottom PSU dust filter to minimize particle buildup and maintain airflow

To see this case in action, check out Zach’s Tech Turf and his Baller $1500 Gaming PC featuring the CULLINAN V500 RGB gaming case.

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