//A Look at the Rosewill PB240-RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

A Look at the Rosewill PB240-RGB AIO CPU Cooler

PB240-RGB AIO CPU Cooler

July 25, 2019

When the weather heats up, your computer and all its hardware shouldn’t have to suffer or slow down. Or in the worst case, become damaged from overheating, risking component and data loss. Remember all those times you were told to hydrate? As it turns out, water is also a computer’s friend in the form of PC water cooling.

Most stock central processing unit (CPU) air coolers get the job done for average computing, but may struggle to cool gaming systems and high performance builds. And while hardline cooling and custom loops can look fantastic, it involves a significant amount of planning, assembly and leak testing. For those looking to get their feet wet (not their PC parts) with advanced cooling techniques, all-in-one (AIO) coolers, also known as closed-loop coolers (CLC), are the ideal option known to be effective, safe and easy to install.

Get started with the new Rosewill PB240-RGB AIO CPU liquid cooler, a thing of beauty and performance. This self-contained liquid cooling system circulates water-based coolant within 400mm of low-evaporation rubber tubing fortified by durable and stylish braided nylon sleeving; engineered to withstand leaks and keep coolant from drying up quickly, which conveniently eliminates the need for refills. Pre-filled coolant circulation combined with the built-in high power radiator pump rapidly transfers heat away from the CPU to the liquid via a microfin copper cold plate that provides better thermal conductivity and efficient heat transfer accompanied by low noise. Finally, heat dissipates from the radiator with the help of two included 120mm RGB fans, then the cooled liquid travels back to your CPU and the process starts again.

PB240-RGB AIO CPU Cooler and PRISM S Computer Case

Glorious RGB LED lights fill the CPU block and radiator fans. The fan hub supports connecting two LED light strips and up to seven Rosewill RGBF-S12002 RGB case fans, compatible with ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync and GIGABYTE RGB Fusion Ready motherboard software for stunning customization (via 5V addressable headers only, as 12V headers are not supported on this model).

PB240-RGB AIO CPU Cooler Supports Software and Remote Control

As a convenient alternative, instantly change up settings with the included 20-button remote controller. Match any setup with 8 static LED colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, Purple and White, or cycle through all of them. Add some flare and make your PC a sight to see with 4 pre-programmed effects: Rainbow, Gradient, Blade and Breathe. Plus, increase/decrease overall brightness and adjust fan speeds between Low, Medium or High to suit every activity from quiet streaming to intense PC gaming. Enjoy the flexibility of both hardware and software control.

PB240-RGB AIO Cooler Modular Block

One of our favorite features on the PB240-RGB is its modular CPU block. The lighting cover is removable and adjustable to allow PC builders to orient the Rosewill logo the right way or any way desired, a small detail that can go a long way.

Learn more about the PB240-RGB liquid cooler from the video below.

Available on Amazon, eBay and Newegg.

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