Countless Configurations


Built for extreme enthusiasts with a fiery and burning passion to showcase only the best. 280mm AIO, Full ATX Motherboard and Shiny red accent light.


Ideal for our energy-conscious PC builders who appreciate both power and efficiency while showcasing a natural, effortless setup. 240mm AIO, Dual GPU, and more.


Showcase stability, good airflow or optimal water cooling while maintaining performance within its dual chamber design with a simplified configuration.

Dual Chamber ITX Cube

This case separates hot components from the cooler ones. PSU, cables and hard-drives are separate from the rest for unrestricted airflow and better cooling.

Mini But Mighty

Compact Design

Supports Mini ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX motherboards and makes for the perfect desktop mini PC case to house all essentials with none of the bulk.

Tempered Glass

Sleek tempered glass side panels and aluminum front bezel allow the brilliant LEDs to illuminate and shine through the small form case.

Spacious Interior

Supports up to 7 fans, 280 mm Liquid Cooling Radiator at the top or 240 on the front, 120 mm tall CPU Cooler, and 310 mm long Video Card.