Reviews: Tom’s Hardware Review of Rosewill’s B2 Spirit PC Gmaing Case

Tom’s Hardware, anyone?! One of the best on the ‘Net, Tom’s gives Rosewill’s new B2-Spirit PC Gaming Case a complete run-down for your curious pleasure. But don’t think it’s just another review of just another gaming case… this one’s a doozy!  “Greater than” the greatest HPTX cases to date.


Of course, we love our B2. Perhaps you saw it featured in the recent BattleNation competition. Perhaps you saw it at BlizzCon. Or perhaps you are seeing it now for the first time, thinking, wow! Yes, that’s exactly what we were going for here…WOW!!!


Check out the review on Tom’s Hardware for the verdict, and find the case for sale wherever great PC gamer gear is sold online, like here, and here. You’re welcome.


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