Rosewill CULLINAN Gaming PC Case at Computex

Rosewill CULLINAN Gaming PC Case at Computex
Photo Courtesy: PC Gamer
PC Gamer — June 2, 2016

Originally Published By: PC Gamer

I’ve seen many, many cases at Computex 2016 that look like knock-offs of the beautiful aluminum and glass In-Win 805, mostly from Chinese manufacturers we’ll never see in the US or Europe. Rosewill’s new Cullinan case is a welcome break from that trend, upping Rosewill’s style considerably with front and side tempered glass without feeling like a direct rip-off of an In Win design. In fact, one of the first things I noticed about the Cullinan is that it has ventilation around the front panel that’s missing in the In-Win 805, making the front a prime place to mount three 120mm fans.

Rosewill made its mark as a budget brand of cases, power supplies, and peripherals. Most of their cases look cheap because they are cheap, which is good for budget builds but hard to recommend over our favorite cases. The Cullinan, which Rosewill plans to launch around $150, steps out of budget territory and has the looks to match. The tempered glass pairs well with a straightforward metal chassis that looks to offer some great build options.

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